Friday, January 04, 2013

Operation Red Bikini

So these 2 ladies come up with a challenge called Operation Red Bikini.  It's basically setting a goal and reaching that goal by May 31.  I've thought about my goal for several days.  My ultimate goal is to lose 60 pounds, but I'm not sure that's attainable in a few days short of 5 months.  At least not healthy anyway.  So my goal is to be able to wear a size 10 shorts.  I'm currently in a solid 16.  And I want to wear shorts, not bermuda shorts or capris like I usually do.  So, in order to achieve this goal, I must first, lose weight and then I need to tone these legs.  Squats and lunges, here I come!  For extra motivation, I'm going to go ahead and buy these and hang them on my closet door.  Of course I will also need to tone my arms so I can wear a cute tank top with my shorts.  Meal plans, grocery shopping & workout planning here I come!!

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