Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Debbie - No Good for Weigh-In Wednesday

I will go ahead an apologize to all of you reading today because today's post is pretty much have the same post I have had for the last several Wednesdays plus a little rambling.

I'm still at 210.4 and honestly have no idea how I haven't gained.  Not even an ounce!  In my past yo-yo dieting life, I don't remember the scale ever saying the exact same thing back to back, especially 2 weeks in a row.  It was always at least an ounce or two off.  I'm still blaming work for my lack of working out and for the fact that all I want to do when I get home is snuggle with a box of Little Debbie's.  Seriously, does the chick make anything that doesn't taste good?  I know, most people say don't buy it and you won't have that problem.  Well, I have 2 little people in my house full time and a man on the weekends that have to have snacks, specifically Little Debbie's.  If I don't buy them, they get hangry because there's no snacks in the house and I don't deal with hangry people very well.  I am trying to enhance their palate to include more healthy options like fruit, but it's a work in progress.  I have a husband who is pretty much meat and potatoes.  He eats a salad without the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, just the toppings drenched in ranch.  He will eat chittlings but not carrots or cabbage or green peas.  Then there's his miniature version that doesn't eat cheese except on pizza, loves steak and a baked potato and lima beans are about the only veggies he will eat.  And lastly, is my mini me who loves veggies but won't hardly touch meat.  I once thought I may have a vegetarian in the making but she is starting to come around.  I guess my point to all that is that we all have different tastes and I'm having a hard time meal planning without spending hours in the kitchen each night cooking several different meals for everyone.  For example, spaghetti made with spaghetti squash would be great for me.  The boys wouldn't even look at it so I would fix regular pasta for them.  Then, I would end up fixing vegetables for my daughter.  Even though she eats spaghetti, she would also want corn, peas and butter beans with it.  Plus the hubs always wants cornbread but the kids prefer rolls.  So I've basically made a full spread in one meal.  I know some people say just make something and they could eat it or do without.  Well, they would do without and end up eating Lucky Charms with chocolate milk for supper every night and some Little Debbie's for dessert!  We are a work in progress to say the least!  Hopefully my work schedule will get back on track soon so I can put my workout time back on my schedule!  Once that happens I will have something to take up my time in the evenings instead of Little Debbie!  Hope y'all have an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Just keep swimming :) People say that to me all the time and it's so simple yet so true. It's ok to not be perfect, it's ok to make bad choices... just.keep.swimming.

  2. Girl you got this. We all make bad mistakes. That makes us human!