Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Non-Weight Loss/Getting in Shape Related Stuff

I realize I've been a terrible blogger.  I honestly wouldn't even consider myself a blogger.  I originally began this blog to document my journey of weight loss & getting in shape.  Then I wanted to include some family stuff to preserve memories.  Then I went back and changed my mind to keep it strictly weight loss/getting in shape.  Now, I'm back on the everyday life train.  So, here's what we've been up to lately.

On March 27, my little princess cut her hair to donate.  We were originally going to donate to Locks of Love but a dear friend who has struggled with cancer numerous times told me that they actually charge for their wigs and we should donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths instead.  This is her 2nd hair donation and the first time she didn't have quite enough to donate to Locks of Love so we did donate to Pantene.  After some research we are donating this cut to Pantene as well. 
The kids and I traveled north about an hour and a half last Thursday for a Third Day concert.  The hubby was working and couldn't go but he worries about keeps up with us.  Since I was driving when he texted to see where we were, I used the voice text and this is what I got.  The kids got such a laugh out of the hammer dying alone!  It should have said we are south bound with the hammer down (a little trucker talk for you today).  The bottom one was from when I went with my daughter to the Baton Rouge Zoo.  Apparently my iPhone is not familiar with Baton Rouge or it doesn't understand my southern twang.  (Yes, I realize this is probably worthless information, but I happen to get a kick out of these type things.)

Pictures from our night at the Third Day concert.  They were awesome!  When we changed churches a few years back, our 'new' church had contemporary type music instead of the old gospel hymns.  I began listening to K-Love on the radio and Third Day was the very first group I remember listening to.  They have been one of my very favorites ever since.  They were very interactive with the crowd.  One of the guitar players, Mark Lee, gave my little miss a guitar pick and stopped for a picture with me.  It was a great night of worship music and worth being out late on a school night!

This is just a pic of the kids riding in the car.  Since the hubs/daddy was working this past weekend (and the previous weekend, which also happened to be Easter) we decided to visit him in New Orleans last Saturday.  It's a rare moment that they aren't fussing and will both smile for a picture!  

Just a cute hippo we saw at the zoo!

We have a sno/snow cone stand right on Main Street in our little town.  They just opened and yesterday we stopped for our first of many this season.  (Yes, I realize it's pure sugar and empty calories and totally works against my weight loss/getting in shape plan.  I have no excuse except it tastes really good.)
Me and my kids on Easter morning.  I really hate my hubby/baby daddy had to work, but I'm so thankful for his job.  He tends to miss out on some things but we make up for lost time when he's home.
His role model!  Who doesn't love Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty?  He did try to talk me into buying the $38 sunglasses but ain't nobody got money for that I'm cheap and know that they will get broke/lost within a week. (And I just realized the lady on the right photobombing my picture!)

Ridin' dirty, literally!  They love mud riding in their go-carts and now my brother's dog has realized he can hop in and ride too!

And just to prove that I am married and my kids do have a dad, here we are taking a ride in the Jeep a few weeks back on a beautiful day!

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