Monday, June 03, 2013

The End of Operation Red Bikini = Another Beginning for Me


Well, the Operation Red Bikini challenge officially ended Friday.  I was no where near my original goals I set back on January 4.  I was so motivated and determined in January and February.  Then I let life get in the way and March came and brought a super stressful month at work, there was Easter, birthday parties, weekend road trips, and lots of fast food.  I am more conscious about what I eat and how much exercise I am or am not getting.  I definitely credit this challenge and the amazing ladies I've met along the way for that.  I just have a huge problem with commitment.  I get bored and have lots of off days where I lose sight of my goals. 

Knowing the end of this challenge was near and I wasn't even close to where I wanted to be, I felt like a total failure.  So last week I made my mind up to ask for help and I reached out to Ashley Leahy.  I originally began following her on Instagram.  Then I saw her post a few before/after pictures of her clients and I read a few posts from some ladies they were on her macro plan and what a difference they saw.  I knew I needed some structure and I also knew that I could do it if I tried.  Plus there will be someone to really hold me accountable.  I started my plan today and my weight this morning was 217.4.  That's a 5+ pound gain in 3 weeks!!  I honestly can't believe I let myself get here again.  So today is my new beginning of what I hope will be a successful attempt at changing my lifestyle to healthier eating, being fit and feeling good and I will never have to 'start' again!


  1. I just started a macro plan yesterday from Ashley. I am so excited.

  2. I hear you on the not being close to the ORB goal. I fell of the wagon HARD and was no where near my goal either.. Good for you keeping on going... Good Luck!!!

  3. Welcome to the macro way!! I can't wait to read about your progress. Don't beat yourself for a few momentary slip ups, what's important is jumping right back on the wagon!! Thank you so much for linking up!