Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kid Funnies

I've pretty much kept this blog for my weight loss/getting in shape journey with a few doses of my family here and there.  Today I want to share some funny things my kids have said in the last few years.  I've been keeping up with them on my phone notepad but I know it will all get wiped away one day so I want to put them here so I can have a back up.

(A little backstory: Hunter is almost 10 now, very laid back, can keep to himself or talk to anyone who will listen.  Abigail is now 7, very high strung, talks way too much, and thinks she's a princess.  This will help explain why I have way more Abigail stories than Hunter stories.  I'm not showing favoritism.  This also explains why I have 736 pictures on my phone and Hunter may be in 30 of them!)

Thanksgiving 2010
  • One day while riding somewhere, the kids were in the back seat arguing when Matt says in true parent form "If y'all don't stop, I'm pulling this car over and somebody's getting a spanking."  He slows the car down but doesn't actually stop.  Of course the kids get quiet and a little later we hear Abigail whisper to Hunter, "Whew that was close."
  • Hunter decided one day that all of a sudden he could speak Spanish.  Then he proceeds to say, "Hola, I can speak espanol." 
  • Abigail dropped something on the floor and when I asked her to pick it up, she walks behind the door and says "I'm sorry, Abigail's not in right now, please leave a message after the beep.  BEEEEEEP!"
Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day at school

  • Abigail loves going with me to get her nails and toes painted and she always gets so tickled listening to the ladies talk.  One day, she tells me, "I wouldn't want to be a finger nailer because I don't want to learn how to speak Chinese!"
  • During the Super Bowl the New England Patriots were leading when Hunter says, "They can barely speak English but they're winning a football game?!?!"  He thought the team was from England.
  • We were getting ready to go to town one day and Abigail was insisting on wearing her princess Halloween costume.  It wasn't even close to Halloween and I told her no, because nobody wears a princess outfit to town.  She then tried to convince me by saying "I can wear it and people may think I'm a real princess and we can just pretend that I am and they won't really know."

She has her own fashion sense.
  • When Matt & I got new iPhones, we gave our old ones to the kids.  They have no cell service and basically operate as an iPod.  Abigail loves taking photos and videos.  One night we were installing an update on hers when we look through the photos and videos.  There was a video of her 'teaching karate lessons'.  She started by saying "Here's the first karate lesson." and began kicking and karate chopping Hunter.  The video of course goes all over the place and he's laughing uncontrollably.  She turns the camera back on herself and says, "Sorry you had to see that."  Then she continues karate chopping Hunter.  When she's done, she turns the camera back to her and says "Yeah, that's how it's done."  I tried to email the video to my phone to keep but she got away from wifi before it sent and then deleted the video.  It was so funny!
  • After school one day I asked Abigail what her test was on (meaning what was it about) and she replied, "Um, paper."
Disney - November 2010
  • One day the kids were laughing about something and Abigail snorted while laughing.  Hunter tried his best to convince her that she had the 'pig flu' because snorting is the first symptom you get.  He really had her going for a bit until I could no longer hold it in and began laughing so hard.
  • I was having a Tastefully Simple party one night and Hunter made a sign to put on the door that said "Parking $1.00".  He thought he could make a little money!
Orange Beach, AL - May 2012

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