Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday Memories Linkup


Today I'm linking up with Chrissy, Lindsey & Holly to share my most memorable birthday story.  My memory is terrible but I do have a few vague memories of some of my birthdays. 

The first birthday party I can remember must have been when I was turning 5 or 6.  My mom worked at a rental place that had the inflatable bouncy houses.  For some reason I remember calling it a spacewalk.  I was told that I had to clean my room before everyone came over and I couldn't even come out of my room or my party would be cancelled.  So, I stayed in my room shoving all my toys under my bed.  When it came time for the party I went outside and there was this huge inflatable bouncy house.  I was pretty scared of it at first because it was so hard to walk and keep my balance.  Once I got the hang of it, I loved it.

Another birthday I remember was when I was 14.  I actually have some pictures of this one in storage somewhere.  I was a Freshman in high school and at the time I had way more guy friends than girl friends.  I had probably 6-8 people show up one Saturday night, with only myself and one other girl.  My plan was to just hang out around a bonfire but it must have been raining because I don't remember having a fire.  Well, I had a dirt bike that I had gotten for Christmas the year before and we thought it was a good idea to ride.  The night quickly turned into a mud riding event.  I have pictures of some of us covered in mud as I was blowing out the candles on my cake that featured a confederate flag.  Yes, I was redneck girl of the year back then.  I sometimes get an uneasy feeling of embarassment thinking back to those years that I thought it was cool to 'be one of the guys'.

Sorry I don't have any super awesome birthday stories.  I do remember having a Batman cake one year.  I remember having several birthday parties at the skating rink.  There was one year that I had a New Kids on the Block cake and thought it was the most awesome thing that they could put a picture on a cake.  I must have been 9 or 10 that year.  I don't really have any memories of my birthdays between 14 and 21.  I remember getting my first car, a 1996 Ford Bronco, right before my Sweet 16.  When I turned 21 I had been married for only 2 weeks.  Then I remember being bummed when I turned 22 because I was no longer 21 and really felt like I was getting old.  I turned 30 at Disney World and last year I spent my 32nd birthday eating pizza and playing games at Gatti Town with the kids.  Who knows what 33 will bring!


  1. You had a NKOTB cake? Why didn't my mom do that for me? Lol! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I hope 33 brings better for you than it did me!! I'm loving your 14th birthday! I was always one of the guys as well and I remember get down in the mud a few times!

  3. The Batman cake is a definite cool girl move... but having a dirt bike trumps it all. :)